About Us

Since the early 1900s, the foundation of everything we depend upon, everything we utilize in our day to day lives, has been derived from the petrochemical industry. Today, millions of hard-working Americans make their livings building, maintaining, and operating chemical plants, refineries, power plants, steel mills and more. The importance of these facilities is immeasurable, and it’s no understatement that the blue-collar men and women that work within them are absolutely crucial to every single person in this country, and in fact in the world. Our great nation thrives thanks to this industrious, tireless workforce. These people and the jobs they do are the very roots of this country. The proud, patriotic Blue Roots of America. We believe the acknowledgement of this special group of people is long overdue and deserving of the same accolades presented to first responders, police, and the military. Their commitment to keeping these facilities running day and night, 365 days a year in inherently dangerous conditions and in all types of weather is more than worthy of all the appreciation we can offer. And in that spirit, we present The Thin Safe Line. This flag represents all of them and their commitment to safely getting the job done. Blue Roots Apparel is proud to present this flag in hopes that it will be displayed as a signal to everyone that being part of this industry is honorable, essential and downright patriotic. It is important to us that your company's name and logo be represented if requested, so we will apply them in place of BR Apparel within the flag! We founded this company to provide quality FR and safety apparel without compromise, so you can stay safe, protected and comfortable. This is Blue Roots Apparel.